Revive Massage

Clinical massage

Clinical massage is a term that covers remedial or therapeutic massage techniques used to address a wide range of issues.
At revive our massage therapists come equipped with a large toolbox of techniques which they will choose from to best address your needs. We will also select the most appropriate practitioner to best suit your needs.

Under the umbrella of clinical massage our massage therapists may use the following methods:
-neuro muscular triggerpoint therapy
-joint mobilisation
-cranial release
-temporo-mandibular joint release
-lymphatic drainage
-postural and functional analysis
-deep tissue
-myofascial release
-palliative care (relieving the suffering for those with serious illness such as cancer, stroke, terminal illness etc)

What this means to you is: When it comes to soft tissue issues, headaches, pain, acute or chronic issues, we should be able to help, or at least assist with other professionals in a multi-disciplinary approach.

Friendly and effective massage