Revive Massage

Kay Cruise

Kay Cruise is the creator of Revive Massage

Kay is a people person. She will make a friend out of almost anyone and loves making people feel better in themselves. Originally Kay began her career as a nurse in England. She loves travel, which brought her here to live and work in New Zealand. She caught herself a fine Kiwi specimen. He used to massage her a bit. She loved massage so much, she studied it, got qualified, and it has become a full-time passion (when she isn’t shopping or cooking roasts).
Even though she doesn’t play sport, she managed to learn a fair bit about working with sportspeople from being continually immersed in a sporty family and from a vast range of experiences.In Kay’s nursing years she enjoyed the psychiatric and palliative nursing roles too. She’s almost seen it all when it comes to mental health issues and enjoys the candid conversations with people who are stressed or dealing with life’s challenges. This approach seems to put her clients at ease; so along with your physical tensions Kay is more than happy to be a listening ear.

Alongside the standard therapeutic, stress/ relaxation and sports massage, Kay also specialises in dry needling, aromatherapy and gives one of the best hotstone massages in town!

Apart from Revive massage, Kay works alongside the doctors and physios at the NZ Sevens tournament each year, she looks after sports people in competition, massages at sporting events and is known to give a free massage now and again to deserving souls.

Friendly and effective massage