Revive Massage

Relaxation & stress

One of our specialties!
Mental stress is something we all have to deal with these days, anti-depressants becoming more common every year it seems. It’s important that we manage stressful situations well and it’s great if we can do this drug-free!
Unchecked stress is arguably worse for you than a physical injury. When we are stressed this can affect our relationships, self and physical health. There is an old saying “stress becomes tension in muscle, disease in organs“. There is research to back this saying up to a degree.Out of all the positive benefits of massage, its ability to allow you to switch off, then physically and mentally let go is an incredibly useful tool in managing stress and tension – like pushing reset.Whether you want to release some physical tension or emotional tension, we have a safe, sensitive and trusting environment where this can happen. We can harness the simple benefits of mood-altering aroma, chat, lend a friendly ear to listen or proactively assist with stress management skills. Often just expressing pent up words to an impartial ear is enough to get the ball rolling. If it’s pure relaxation you’re interested in, have a look at hot stones massage – it’s bliss!!

Friendly and effective massage