Revive Massage


I’ve been Kerry’s client for 1 1/2 years and am very happy with the treatments. My back condition I’ve had for a decade has improved dramatically. Now I see Kerry immediately if I overdue it and she fixes the problem straight away or just for a relaxation massage. THANK YOU!

Ronnie Chang

Great to have online booking facility


awesome massage thanks Kay, I have been able to get back riding alot sooner and sleep is bliss


I have been getting massages regularly over the past few years from Kay and she’s fantastic! My son has too, and my hubby 🙂 thank you so much Kay for making our muscles feel so much better 😉 and I love lemongrass…


Came across as very caring, lovely nature. Excellent skills and ‘feel for it’, full length of strokes and smooth speed. Lovely strokes. Found areas of pain without me having to tell where they are. Very good investigations for the problem, I feel great!


Thanks Kay great to meet you. Feel great – did my most lengths ever in pool today!


Hi Kay. The stomach massage worked. This area has never felt so good. Thank you!! You and your daughter enjoy your holiday. X

Friendly and effective massage